Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dyno Day Bikini Car Wash at Carma Performance

The guys at Carma Performance in Nashville, TN teamed up with Evan Lemons at Cause Factory to put on a little Dyno Day and Bikini Car Wash to bring a few gear heads together and raise some money for the Williamson Medical Centers Breast Health Center to help women in need who can't afford breast cancer treatment.

Despite the hot humid day, there was still a great turnout. Got to hang out with some good friends, eat some free food and thanks to the lovely ladies that washed my car I got to donate some money to a good cause.

Thanks to the sponsors below and if you didn't know there's a huge car meet in Nashville, TN on 7/28 at LP field. Hit up Music City Car Meets at for more details.


-Cause Factory

-Music City Car Meets

-Moes Southwest Grille

-Five Hour Energy

-Williamson Medical Center


-Graphic Effects

-Sams Club Coolsprings

Enjoy... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Sunday, July 8, 2012

ProsPer's Custom Color G

My buddy Tone came out pretty hard last summer with this custom color g35. The color is very unique cause it looks maroonish / reddish depending on how the light hits it. Up front he has a Nismo front with carbon fiber diffuser and nismo sides for the rear and for the rear bumper he choose Chargespeed. Another cool little subtle mod is the Hikkatadori trunk.

When I first met Tone his car was OB with 20 inch 2 pieces meisters then it quickly transited to what you see today. The last group of pics was provided from my buddy Charlie Banks that met up with Tone as he was coming back from a little vacation. I'm glad Tone and Charlie was able to sync up aren't you?

From when he OB on Meisters

tone rig 2_edited-1

And custom Meisters

Photobucket As it currently sits with Custom Ordens with the specs of 19x9.5 - 5 wrapped around 225/35 and 19x11 -5 wrapped around 245/35, pics by Charlie Banks

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Classy like a "G"

Brandon first picked up his G35 brand new back in 2005 and a couple of months later the transformation from stock to ill began. The first thing most people might notice are the 20" Work VS-XX Crystal Silver wheels which measure out to be 20x9.5 +4 in the front and 20x10.5 +6 in the rears. To close the gap and make those Works look even better, he went with Zeal Function D coilovers accompanied by SPL front and rear camber arms and Hotchkis front and rear sway bars. If you pay close attention to detail you will notice that Brandon has changed out his front bumper with the Nismo V3 front bumper and replaced his front grill also. 06 Front Xenon Projectors and 06 tail lights were also added to complete the exterior.

With the help of Sound Waves in Memphis, Brandon began his journey to a legit sound system. He opted to go with a Pioneer 4100 In Dash TV with 2 12" JL Audio W3s, Pioneer 1000watt 2 channel, Diamond Audio 600watt and JL Audio 6.5 components 6x9 three way. A Viper Smart Alarm System was also added to help protect his investment.

While I was setting up my camera equipment, Brandon requested some engine pics and once he lifted his hood I was immediately impressed with how clean the engine was. My eyes were immediately drawn to the polished upper plenum and Takeda short ram. Things done to help give the G some go and deepen the tone include an M2 Performance exhaust and y pipe accompanied by Invidia test pipes.

I asked Brandon of his future plans with the G and he smiled and said either a Turbo Kit or Bags. Regardless of which route he decides to go with, I think the end result would come out to be pretty good. Brandon also wants to give shoutouts to Sound Waves and Word of Mouth Detail!

Enjoy the pictures and video. Also want to say thanks to my boy Coop for helping out with the shoot.

- Tim Acang

Monday, July 2, 2012

Simple Elegance

We all go through phases. Sometimes, they become more than that. We grow up as kids thinking that car modifications happen at the touch of a button, and that the speed we experience in a video game isn't the same as it is in real life. In the virtual world, it's easy to have the car that's just right. In reality, that delicate balance is all too often swept under the rug. But not for Kevin Lewis.

Having owned more than 15 cars, some would say that Kevin's personal automotive history rivals that of a video game. Some would say that he's just been in a phase and will grow out of it. Kevin knows better than that. For him, it's a lifestyle. Recently switching from speed to stance, Kevin loves the attention that a slammed car brings. Being around cars all the time made him notice that a lot of people do similar modifications to their cars. The simplicity of the car scene is why he would hang around, so he wanted to replicate that with a car. Upgrading from a Chevy Cobalt Sport, he picked up a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It didn't take long before he started making changes.

After only 4 months, he had it how he wanted it. The coupe is quick, but it wasn't enough for him. So he added a K&N Cold Air Intake for just a small increase in power. Then, he added a Greddy cat back exhaust and it sounds oh so nice! Limited by the car's warranty, those were the only performance modifications that he could do. But this is where the Genesis Coupe is set apart from other Genesis Coupes: appearance. Instead of blacking out the tail lights, Kevin made them entirely red. Having a white car, most people opt for black wheels. Not Kevin. A set of white Varrstoen 2.2.2s would do nicely. They measure at 19x9.5 in the front and 19x10.5 in the rear, with +12 all the way around. To complete the classy, clean look that white on white offers, he wrapped the roof in black and got a custom RMR grill. To finish out the front and suit the rest of the car, he painted his headlights white. 

With his Genesis Coupe, Kevin has found the delicate balance of a simply clean car, that still has that grown up elegance.

Words, Snaps and Video by Ty Cobb.

Simple Elegance from Ty Cobb's Photography on Vimeo.