Saturday, March 31, 2012

Benedict Rosal's db8

       This shoot almost didn't happen because of the bipolar weather we have here in Socal, it started drizzling right after we found the right spot but we were thankful that it did not rain. Here is my friends Acura Integra LS that he just picked up a couple of days. Knowing to himself that he got lucky on his first car, he messaged  me about having a photo session with his car.

sitting on polished regamasters
Side shots. One of my favorite angle.
Isn't she lovely? 

My civic butting in. Over all it was a good one. Full spec of this beauty will be posted soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My trip to Millington, TN for the "Pinch Me I'm Sideways" event

It's 8:00 PM on Sunday and I'm finally getting to relax a little after a long a weekend. See Saturday kicked off the 2012 drift season and I along with others have been counting down to the Traction Optional "Pinch Me I'm Sideways" event in Memphis.

The Friday before the event I spend my day at the office but get off a little early to prepare for the event. This event was my first out of town and being there isn't any local events as of yet, it seems like I will be hitting the road more often. So I head to my cousin's house to prepare the trailer and tools, then head to my house to pick up the drift spares and lastly heading to my buddy Tony's to pick up his spares. By the time we get back to Vinnie's and load up the trailer it's 10:30 PM, usually this isn't too late but when you have to get up at 2:30 am it's late.

Pics by me and Goonk Vilaivanh

Car filled up with gas and on the trailer Photobucket Taking the gramlights for now, was gonna drift on these if I burned through my spares. Photobucket The most important mod, the Slammed Enuff decal. Yes I know the car is muddy but that's what happens when you exit the sweeper at 90 mph+ and loose control and go off the track. Photobucket Photobucket

Drivers meeting. As you can see we are a little excited cause we are about to get sideways Photobucket Getting a little sideways, I love this track! Photobucket My two buddies that drove from Nashville and drifted the event and drove back. Photobucket Photobucket And here how the drifters sits at the end of the night. Hopefully you will see the s13 sideways at the next event. Photobucket Many thanks Traction Optional for hosting the event, Charlan and Cousin Vinnie for the support, can't wait for the next one. Till next time.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charlan and Jamie's 8th Gen Civics

Nowadays most people have the misconception that it takes thousands of dollars in wheels and parts to be considered baller status. But Jamie and Charlan both knew that was false. They didnt go all out making sacrifices here and there just to afford wheels (not to say they wont one day), but they knew that they could be clean and break necks with the most simplest of wheels. These two 8th Gen Civics really show that simplicity and of course low go a long way.

Charlan Buenaventura:
2010 Honda Civic
Rota p45r 17x9 +25 all around
Megan Street Coilovers

Jamie Finch:
2010 Honda Civic Si
XXR 962 17x9 +35 all around
Megan Street Coilovers

Words and video by Tim Acang. Snaps by Charlan Buenaventura. Special Thanks to Kevin Do for helping out during the shoot, couldn't have done it without you buddy.

*click below to play video*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's the simple things

Yea Yea... I know another z with wide low offset wheels that's slammed but I have to give it up to Jonathan. This car has come around quick since when I first met him this summer. Prior to meeting Jonathan we traded numerous txts talking about cars and what not and I finally got to meet him in person prior to the IA meet. He was sitting on Cody's old VS-XX and had his front lip on. It was kinda dark that night so I didn't really get a good look at his car but I knew he had to go lower in the front and rear. Then a few wks later Jonathan came back down to TN to pick up my Bride Rails and Bride Bucket seats and I got to see the 7 year old black paint up close. Nissan is notorious for using cheap paint on the z and you could see all the various swirl marks on the car. I also noticed that he had a spoiler that you don't normally see on a z, not my cup of tea but hey it's not my car.

Fast forward to today and z has had a little face lift, nothing huge but its the subtle things that counts. First off he decided to mold the nismo lip to the front bumper to give it a different look. Pretty cool if you ask me, it's so easy to just buy an aftermarket front bumper or slap on a lip and be like everyone else, also to change up the front he decided to delete the front emblem. As for the sides the side emblem was also removed. As we work our way to the rear he decided to remove the spoiler, emblems have been shaved and bumper has been tucked. Again, nice and subtle.

So what you see here is a nice freshly paint 2005 350z sitting on Vs-XX's 18x9.5 - 8 wrapped around 215/40 and 18x11-18 wrapped around 245/40. Stance GR+ coilovers with custom 14k and 10k spring rates. A nice little fender pull in the rear by Auto Art gives him the clearance he needs.

Hope you enjoy the pics by Seth Byers Photography Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, March 12, 2012

2M autowerks SD grand opening

As soon as I got out off from work, I head straight to 2M autowerks for their grand opening. 2M autowerks is known for specializing OEM and aftermarket parts for Euro cars. Besides selling wheels and tires, they also do body works, paint jobs, powder coating and detailing.

On to the photos

Spotted a few Corvette's down the hill

The Bojangles wagon. Never missed any events in SD. Good friend of mine.

Next door garage got some goodies... Life begins at 200 MPH.

Interesting how this car made it to the meet without his gauges.