Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eric's E46

With the hurricane making its way to north, this feature could not have a better setting. This daily driven E46 makes its way through the poor roads of Memphis. Just riding in it through downtown made my jaw grip tight the whole time. I would look at Eric, and he would just stay smiling with no fear of his car getting damaged.

Many changes were made from when we first saw this car at Stoopicold Meet in Janurary. Turning heads everywhere also came with consequences of owning a car with this ride height. Eric says going through the tire wear is worth having this car and doesn't give a f*#k what anyone else thinks.

Equipped with:
KW V2 Coilovers, Ground Control LCA's 
VMR V710 18x9.5 +22 wrapped in 215/40/18 Nitto Neo Gens

Eric says that he has had a good, fun run with this car. It's time for a change so be on a look out for the next feature of his next ride!

Photocredit: Charlan Buenaventura

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brandon Peppers 1985 Celica GT-S

There's just something about old school Toyota's that always seem to grab my attention. Whether it's  the body lines and overall appearance or the fact that its been around longer than I have, old school Yotas have always been a favorite in my book. I first saw Peppers Celica a little over a year ago at a local Slammedenuff meet and was fascinated with the car so when the chance finally came shoot it, I immediately hopped on it.

The Celica didn't always look as good as it does now. Peppers picked up the car dirt cheap and immediately began to do work. With the help of his dad, they both tackled on body work and once that was finished he had his buddy Chad paint the car.

The Celica is sitting on 15x8 Enkie Apache II with a 0 offset all around and 25mm spacers in the rear.

To complete the rear end appearance of the car, Peppers added a Celica Supra double wing.

Peppers decided on a Grip Royal wheel with an Nrg quick release. 

Words, snaps and video by Tim Acang.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cars + Friends + Meet = 1 Love

It's been a while since TRP aka The Rendezvous Point has put on a meet and tonights meet was put together in 5 days. See our buddy Gage recently got into a bad motorcycle accident and the guys at TRP wanted to put together a meet to bring everyone together and raise some money for Gage. Well the meet was put together and flyer floated around Facebook for a few days. At the same time my Facebook wall blows up from all the love that Gage was getting. We all are friends through car meets and Facebook but the true love showed when someone was hurt and your friends are their by your side. Last week I saw nothing but love for Gage and tonights meet showed that people can come together to help each other out.

I've had the opportunity to shoot Gage's mustang as it's progressed over the summer and here are some of my favorite pics.




Photobucket And few pic from TRP meet. Seen some really clean VW's and had to snap some pics. Photobucket Photobucket Probably my favorite car at the meet. Photobucket Nicely fitted EF. Photobucket Not sure why I kinda dig this scooter. Photobucket Never been a muscle car guy but man this 69 Camaro is sexy and the LS3 engine sounded amazing as he cruised out of the parking lot. Photobucket Never get tired of seeing this car, looks so freaking mean. Photobucket The Vossen looked great on this car but it seemed like every g37 had the wheels so glad to see some VSXX on this car. Photobucket The scene in front of the DJ booth where all the expensive cars were. Photobucket Our boy Justin do what he do… spinning the 1s and 2s… Photobucket

Well that concludes the pics from tonight. I think I speak for everyone when I say "Get well soon Gage"

Corey Wilson's 1993 R32 Nissan Skyline

The first time I met Corey was the day Tim shot his Mystichrome Cobra a few years back. I knew then that he was the type of guy to have one of a kind whips. It was only a matter of time before something as fresh as an R32 Skyline would make its way to Corey's hands. He has had his share of unique whips, but I personally believe this one tops them all.

Words by Jamie Finch.
Pictures by Tim Acang

*Special thanks to Cody Jo McCullough for modeling this shoot.