Monday, October 29, 2012

Driftoberfest 3 Presented by Cause Factory and Tennessee Drift.

This last weekend I got the chance to attend Driftoberfest 3 presented by Cause Factory and Tennessee Drift in Bowling Green Kentucky. Although it was very cold outside, there were still a good number of people who decided to come out and watch the event. Here are a few pictures we got of drivers doing work. Apologies ahead of time if I didn't get you in any pictures. I was constantly switching back from taking pictures to video so there was a chance I missed you.

Pictures by: Tim Acang

Enjoy the video.

Most of my time was spent taking pictures and video of the drifting so I didn't get many pictures of the car show. However on my way back to the Slammedenuff tent to take a break for a bit, I saw this white Accord and decided to have a quick little shoot. The Accord belongs to Dillon Allen. Its sitting on 18x9 front and 18x10 rear Work Euroline DH. 

Till next time Slammedenuff!
- Tim Acang

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