Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SouthrnFresh and Import Alliance weekend in Atlanta

This last weekend we got the chance to take a trip out to Atlanta to attend SouthrnFresh's Welcome to Altanta and Import Alliance Spring Meet. This is one weekend that we really look forward to. Not only is the weather around this time of year usually awesome but Atlanta serves as a good central point for a lot of our out of town buddies to make it to. It's always nice seeing old friends and meeting new ones and that's exactly what we did this trip.

Here are a few shots of some of the cars in our caravan.  Candy's e46 done by Pickett Fitment. 

Brandon Pepper's 85 celica on newly fabricated s13 front suspension = more low :)

Staff member Peter' Duncan's civic on his new 16x9 v3 wheels.

We loved the new IPL front bumper and carbon fiber rear diffuser on Brandon Pillow's G37.

Staff member Mitchell Donat's SVT Focus.

We were glad to see the Import Performance Shop R33 making the trek to Atlanta with us. It's not everyday you get to road trip with a Skyline.

Staff member Jamie's SI.

Once we made it to Atlanta we checked into our hotel and decided to grab some food at the  Applebees down the road. That's where we met Khoa Nguyen and some of the guys from Low-Weeezy-Ana. Check them out at

Jimmy's 370z

Rami's s2k

Albert's STI

SouthrnFresh's Welcome to Atlanta was the next day and as always, we had a blast at their event.

Later that night we got the chance to shoot Kevin Wright's RSX and Armanda Zukic's CR-Z. It was good meeting them both and absolutely loved their cars.

After Armanda's and Kevin's shoot we decided to snap a couple of Mitchell's Focus and Jimmy's SS Cobalt.

A couple hours later, it was time for the Spring Import Alliance meet held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The boss man Charlan handing out tables for the booth. 

Staff member Jimmy and Jamie

Mrs. Slammedenuff Heidi and staff member Mary. 

 Import Performance Shop's newly debuted Q.

Our buddy Tony from Stanced by Definition in South Carolina rolling in to the parking lot in his Accord

Alexis from Stanced by Definition in South Carolina in his TSX

Our buddy Kevin Wright and his RSX. 

Seeing this Accord in person was awesome. We have been keeping up with David's build and seeing the transformation from stock to this has been amazing. 

We enjoyed this TC on TMBs

This was our favorite Fit at the event. 

We loved the color combo on this hatch. 

 This KIA has always been a favorite of ours. 

It was great seeing this Accord rock our banner. Thanks for the support!

Staff member Manica photobombing this clean M3. 

More from our buddies at Stanced by Definition.

Loved the new look on Corey's SI. 

Glad to see Jay's IS300 posted up in the vendor section. 

Our buddy Kyle's Genesis. 

This miata was easily one of our favorites of the whole weekend. 

 We had a great time this weekend. It was sad to see it come to an end. We enjoyed seeing all our old buddies and it was great meeting new ones. We look forward to the next big event so we can see everyone again. Till next time...

- Slammedenuff Crew.

Video by Danny Tran

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