Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Josh Sartin's 1993 Honda Civic

Pictures by: Wesley Oakes
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The words daily driver and perfection rarely go together in the car world but in this case it does. Not only does Josh daily his civic hatch, but he drives it at least 75 miles a day during his daily commute. If you have ever tried to daily a clean car, then you know all about the struggle to keep it mint.

Josh picked up this car about 6 months ago bone stock minus a set of Skunk2 lowering springs. Since then he has completely transformed the civic into what you see today. 

Freshly painted OEM White with a hint of blue pearl.
EG6 Fenders
Vision Clear Corners
EDM ITR Sidemarkers
Color matched BYS Wing
EK Sideskirts
Driver side Spoon mirror and passengers side block off plate

Full black interior conversion
Black GSR leather rear seats
EG6 center console and arm rest
Password JDM Shift boot with Circuit Hero and Buddy Club knob
Personal Grinta 350mm Wheel
Bride VIOS III Seats

Function Form Type 1 with extended top hats
Skunk2 rear lower control arms
ASR Subframe Brace
Eibach front and rear sway bars
Blox adjustable sway bar endlinks
SPC Rear Camber Kit
Skunk2 Front Camber Kit

Wheels and Rubber: 
BBS RS 033 
15x9 +3 Rear and 15x.8.5 +8 Front
165-50-15 Tires
Tunershop 3" Rear lips and 2.5" Front Lips
Black Forest Industries Hardware
Faces were Powder Coated a custom Silver Flake

The Heart:
JDM B20b
GSR Transmission
7.5 Flywheel
Buddy Club Spec II Exhaust
Hasport Mounts

Keep an eye out for more on Josh's build. He is far from done and plans to do a complete makeover soon which will include a b16a Turbo Build.

Special thanks for Wesley Oakes for the awesome pictures. Be sure to check out his photography page at:
and his flickr at:


  1. Not only does Josh daily his civic hatch, but he drives it at least 75 miles a ... civiccoilovers.blogspot.com

  2. Can please someone tell what is the paint code, really love it.........thanks in advance

    1. The color is Grand Prix white with a light blue pearl added to it according to his Stance Works thread http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44112&page=2

  3. Sick setup, Josh! I've admired the car (and of course, the EM1) for awhile now, but just today I saw the Stance Works thread when you got it back from paint. Man, the nitpicking lol! The genuine BBS' are sick (of course), but I liked it even with the CCW reps on, it was a dime in my eyes! Creative color, too. Never thought about taking an OEM color and adding a light pearl to it--dope brotha! Take it easy, man.