Thursday, February 2, 2012

What are you behind?

I seem to find to myself very busy these days. I have always been active and on the go but the I feel like I've gone to another level. It's seems like I'm always behind something these days and tonight I think going to give you a little insight about what goes on. See I spend most of my days behind a computer screen managing projects for a Hospital company. If I'm not behind the computer screen I'm usually on a plane visiting hospitals and talking to various people at the hospital. When I'm not at work I'm behind the computer screen typing up papers for my Masters Program. But that's enough about work and school, you didn't come to car blog to read about that.

See I've spent the last couple of months building a s13 coupe for the 2012 drift season. So when the guys at posted their schedule, I was thrilled and not only will we have a drift event at the Memphis International Speedway on March 17th, the guys here at Slammedenuff will be hosting an event. So here I am tonight in the garage after a long day at work, still in work clothes sitting behind the wheel of the drift car. It has been a long day and I find that spending some time in the garage helps ease the stress. I've been meaning to give Charlan the dimensions of my windshield and finally had a chance to measure it. So not only did I take the opportunity tonight to measure the windshield I also took the time to test out my wireless trigger for the camera and my new Canon 24 mm 2.8 lens. I'm starting to love prime lenses so when I seen this one pop up on the forum at a good price I jumped on it. As for the wireless trigger, I figure it would be a good addition to the camera arsenal.

So these days, I'm either behind a computer screen, behind the wheel of a car or behind a camera… Take a moment and ask yourself what are you behind and does it make you happy?

Shots out to Chuck Yoder for building me this awesome cage and Charlan for supporting me and sponsoring me on the 1st TO event. I've dumped tons of money on this car already and every little bit helps. My goal is to represent this year and I'm glad I've teamed with Chuck Yoder, Charlan and Slammedenuff. 2012 is here, lets do it!

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