Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Supercharged EK doing the do...

It's amazing how many FB friends we have but never really get to talk to the in person. I never really remember talking to Brandon at the local meets but when Slammedenuff hit me up to do a feature on his car, I went to FB to see his ride prior to the shoot. Sure enough we was already friends on there and after thinking back, I remember seeing some of Brandon's post. So I checked out his photo album and saw his clean civic coupe. He told me a little bit about the car so I was anxious to see it in person.

When I asked Brandon about his first car that he own he told he had owned a cutlas supreme but didn't get to drive it cause he wasn't old enough at the time. Pretty cool considering most ppl don't get a car till they get their licenses. As with most ppl, his first car to tinker with was a Honda. What better platform to start off with because parts are plentiful and easy to find. The engine is simple and strait forward to work with once you get into it. So here we are today, Brandon now owns a 99 Civic EX coupe. No big body kits nor sticker bombed lip here. Just a clean coupe sitting on 16x7.5 Konig remembers wrapped around 205/40 neogens, dropped on function and form type 1 coils. The car is powered by a b20b short block that has a brand new oem rebuild that is matted to a b16a2 head that has been ported and polished and to give it that lil extra boost in power a Vortech v-5g supercharger with a 10lbs pulley was added. For the transmission Brandon chose to go with an ITR one. As far as exhaust mods, a DC sport 4-2-1 header is merged into a 2 3/4 strait pipe to help with exhaust flow. While looking through the windshield he chose to sit in a Bride Digo Black Gradation Black Reclineable seats.

He has big plans for the car that includes a built b20b or ls block with 9:1 compression wiseco pistons and a few other goodies. For now you will see him with one hand on the personal steering wheel and the other hand on a custom 495 gram deft motion shift knob so be on the look out for this clean supercharged civic coupe.

Just like everything else we all need family and friends to support us and Brandon would like to give a shot out to his family friends cousin billy, mike, daniel weaver, t-rav aaron moss,cam moheng and zak kiefer and everyone thats has ever supported him. Brandon EK r4 Brandon EK s2 Brandon EK r2 Brandon EK n3 Brandon EK n1 Brandon EK n2 Brandon EK n4

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