Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring IA Weekend with Slammedenuff

So as you all know Import Alliance held a meet in Atlanta this last weekend. Just like every other IA trip, we all were rushing last minute to get things done and barely got any sleep before heading out Friday. Luckily, we all managed to make it semi on time to our first destination which was in Olive Branch Ms to meet up with the rest of the Slammedenuff caravan. We hung out in the parking lot at Kroger for a bit and when everyone was ready we all headed out.

*click the pic for a high res jpeg.

Our buddies at LowMonroe decided to make the trek to Atlanta with us. We rarely see clean old school civic sedans and this one is definitely fresh.  
 Props to Stefan and LowMonroe.
 Slammedenuff Chief Charlan Buenaventura's 8th gen Civic always looking clean.

 It was good seeing Ishee's IS roll with us to Atlanta.
 Definitely "Sexy Lexi" now for sure. 
Staff member Kevin Do's Accord
 Staff member Jamie Finch's 8th gen SI.
 Here is my boy Eric's GTI. Its definitely one clean vw. 
This red hatch you are looking at belongs to Nathan Day of LowMonroe. As soon as we got to our hotel, I saw Nathan and Stefan unloading the hatch from their trailer and had to snag a pic. Big ups on this build. One of the cleanest hatch's I've seen around. They told me they worked on this hatch every Saturday for months after months and it definitely shows that hard work pays off. 

 As soon as Saturday rolled around, we were all anxious to go to the Southrn Fresh meet. So we all wiped our cars down and got ready to head out. The first thing I saw when we arrived at the meet was this KIA Koup. The cleanest KIA I have ever laid eyes on.... still in awe every time I take a look at this car. 
 Sitting right next to it was this Subie. I've always been a fan of the bugeyes. 
 Unique color on this e30 sedan.
 Clean s2000's never get old to me. 
 This Accord definitely caught my attention. I loved the color and everything about this car. Dont see too many clean Accords like this rolling around. 
 An even rarer sight is this clean Accord wagon. I noticed a filipino flag on the front windshield. From one pinoy to another, props on this build!!!
 I've always had love for old schools. This is the first old school Mazda I've seen in person done right. I must have walked around this car 20 times just admiring everything about it. 
 Would have loved to snap more pics of the Mugen SI but he was on his way out as soon as I got to his area. I was definitely diggin the J-lines though. 
 Staff member Elijah Clarke looking crazy hahahhahah!!! Bet you like that random pic throw in.

 Super clean bay in this hatch. Props to CJ Allen on an awesome build. 

 This was probably my favorite car of the day. I have always loved Miatas and this one is absolutely beautiful. 
 Very unique color on this S2k.
 Clean and simple S15
 Here are some more Miatas for you to drool over. I like them both, but I think the red one takes it. 
This Miata on CCW's was too clean. 
Mrs Slammedenuff (Heidi) and trouble maker Kirsten.

Sickest SRT Caliber I've ever seen. 
 I dont see too many CR-Z's rolling around and definitely not many that are this clean. Seeing this car in person makes me want to build a CR-Z :)

Scott's 3.8 Genesis on the dyno.
On our way out we saw this red SS Balt. I'm a fan of SS Cobalts and this one was pretty fresh. 
A little after we got back to the hotel we saw this clean coupe roll up. Charlan introduced me to the owner Aaron and he showed me his car. He was rocking a Slammedenuff card on his dash. Thats wsup!!
Ishee and Molly chillin.

Later on that night we ended going to HHGregg to a Saturday night meet. While we were there I saw this R8. Color combo on this car was too fresh. 
The next morning was IA. We thought we left early enough to avoid most of the traffic but we were wrong. We were only a couple exits away and traffic had already started piling up. After about 45 minutes we finally got off the exit ramp and started to make our way towards the Turner Field parking lot. It wasn't till another 30 minutes that we finally were able to park and get out. We made our way over to the slammedenuff tent and there were already a ton of people walking around. 

Staff member Billy doing work. 
Spotted Slammedenuff on the windshield of this clean e36.

This Optima on Vossens was pretty sick. I definitely dig this car. Grown man status. 

Sick color on this S2000.
Right as we were snapping pics of the S, we heard this down the street. First LFA ive seen in person. It sounded amazing.

It was cool seeing a boosted Fiat.

I thought this color combo on this 8th gen was pretty fresh. 

Loved these Work Meisters on this Miata. 

This Accord was one of the favorites of the day. 

Clean bay on this SRT Caliber. 

Police ended up closing down IA earlier than expected so the people who didn't go home to Memphis went back to the Hotel to kick it. The next morning we all packed our bags and got ready to head back home. I saw CJ's hatch chillin in the parking lot and had to snag a pic. 
On our way home we found a gas station that sold a bunch of fireworks :) So we had to make a stop.

Staff member Jimmy Hughes and his SS Balt. 

It was an awesome weekend and can't wait for the next big event. 

Here is a video of our weekend. It's a little different than our usual straight car videos, but this time around we wanted to show everyone what the slammedenuff lifestyle is like. Its all about having a good time with friends and family and of course, being slammed. So enjoy the video. Till next time Slammedenuff. 

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