Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brandon Peppers 1985 Celica GT-S

There's just something about old school Toyota's that always seem to grab my attention. Whether it's  the body lines and overall appearance or the fact that its been around longer than I have, old school Yotas have always been a favorite in my book. I first saw Peppers Celica a little over a year ago at a local Slammedenuff meet and was fascinated with the car so when the chance finally came shoot it, I immediately hopped on it.

The Celica didn't always look as good as it does now. Peppers picked up the car dirt cheap and immediately began to do work. With the help of his dad, they both tackled on body work and once that was finished he had his buddy Chad paint the car.

The Celica is sitting on 15x8 Enkie Apache II with a 0 offset all around and 25mm spacers in the rear.

To complete the rear end appearance of the car, Peppers added a Celica Supra double wing.

Peppers decided on a Grip Royal wheel with an Nrg quick release. 

Words, snaps and video by Tim Acang.

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