Monday, June 4, 2012


Wekfest was founded back in 09 by their main sponsor Weksos Industries. At first, It was just a local automotive gathering until they teamed up with Fatlace to start a nationwide tour. This year, Wekfest was held at Queen Mary Events Park at Long Beach CA. As a first time comer in wekfest, I thought it was a great turn out. clean cars, great vibe and met a bunch of new friends!
Few domestics showed up but each one came up proper.
K swapped Hatch equipped with Chargespeed Kits and rolling on Regamasters.
IS on meisters. Favorite shot of the day by the way.
GS from one of the Autofashion's line up.
This DA got a bunch of Interior goodies!
This Beautiful Bentley got the best spot.
Meisters, ASM bumper and Spoon hardtops on this beast.
 Tiffany Blue NUE's.
The Bojangles Wagon with his new front end. Check him out at Bojangles Photography.
Lovely EM2.
Chris from TopMonkeys came with his Civic suited up with JDM rears rolling on Victrix Kreutzers.
Another one from Top Monkeys.
Gerald reppin Top Monkeys with his SI on VSXX.
Enkei NT-03 on John's Fit
Erico from City Stars sitting pretty on his new set of wheels, ssr ex-c mesh.
Alex and his Freshly painted E-Famous.
Finally met the owner of this Famous BB, James was too kind to chat and chill with me about his car. He even offered me a stick of yosi even though I don't smoke. Thanks James!
Another one from Style Sixty Three.
clean rolla on BBS RS'
Hawk Eye STI on CCW's
Dope GS breaking necks.
My favorie car from the show, RX-7.
Red velvelts! These miata's are bad!
Famous LS400 parked hard.
Marcus' Illsedan
Import Fashion's one and only G.
Sunkist rolled in without Rootbeer?? what?!
Royal Origin Represent
This E-30 got her nails did!
DC5 sitting on Rega's with a bit of offset.
Don't you love those body lines?
So there you go, Wekfest LA 2012. Thanks for your time!  Be sure to drop by my facebook page for the rest of the pictures and don't forget to show some love! Peace!

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