Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charlan and Jamie's 8th Gen Civics

Nowadays most people have the misconception that it takes thousands of dollars in wheels and parts to be considered baller status. But Jamie and Charlan both knew that was false. They didnt go all out making sacrifices here and there just to afford wheels (not to say they wont one day), but they knew that they could be clean and break necks with the most simplest of wheels. These two 8th Gen Civics really show that simplicity and of course low go a long way.

Charlan Buenaventura:
2010 Honda Civic
Rota p45r 17x9 +25 all around
Megan Street Coilovers

Jamie Finch:
2010 Honda Civic Si
XXR 962 17x9 +35 all around
Megan Street Coilovers

Words and video by Tim Acang. Snaps by Charlan Buenaventura. Special Thanks to Kevin Do for helping out during the shoot, couldn't have done it without you buddy.

*click below to play video*

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