Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping it plain and simple

Does this car looks familiar to you? If you live around central SD, I'm pretty sure you've seen this car around. I spot this car in a weekly basis and seeing all the changes that this beauty had gone through makes it more interesting.
From painted hub caps to his current set up, you can really see the major changes that Michael did to his car. He is currently sitting on XXR 521's on 16x8 +20 offset  with 205/40/16 achilles tires and raceland coilovers to give that clean drop.
When I first saw this at the "V", Michael used to have a Mugen replica lip on his car but that was way back then. Now, if you are a 7th gen fan, You got to give him a credit for owning an HFP front lip and skirts. It took him awhile to find one but hey, good things come to  those who wait so chill while he's in the hunt for his HFP rear lip.
Isn't that clean? OEM window visors, sidemarkers and DIY black headlight housing are just some of his exterior mods.
If you see this guy around, give him a thumbs up! Compliment him for having a such clean car. Thanks for viewing and much love!

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