Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Fresh Formula

When I met Brady, he was walking with the guys from WetDetail, selling water and energy drinks to crowds of people at a car show. While business was slow and the temperature and humidity were stifling, he stuck it out. Instead of putting the photo shoot off, we grabbed some waters and drove over to some shade for some quick snaps.

Brady's 2004 Honda S2000 is no stranger to being driven. When he bought it from a friend in 2008, it had close to 60K miles on it. Four years later, and it's pushing 110K miles. A fan of a more aggressive look, Brady opted to drop the car on Buddy Club Racing N+ Coilovers and Enkei NTO3 18x9.5 with a +40 offset and Muteki lug nuts. With the track appearance comes a Shine Auto front bumper, an AP1 rear spoiler, and an AP2 rear bumper with Spoon diffuser. Not one to misrepresent a car, Brady also added some special performance goodies. To make the car pull a little more, he added an AEM V2 Intake, a HKS Hi Power exhaust and an Invidia test pipe. Not a lot in terms of upgrades, but let me tell you, they make a difference. To make it easier to drive, he replaced the stock shift knob with a Buddy Club shift knob.

All the parts come together in a perfect formula: a fresh looking whip with some strong bite under the hood.

Words and Shots by Ty Cobb.

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